The PS2 Passive noise reduction headset is the ideal choice for any pilot advancing their flight training journey or pilots who have recently gained their licence and fly regularly. Also, the perfect option for a spare/passenger headset if your budget allows. Aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and featuring ultra lightweight carbon fiber technology, the premium full carbon fibre PS2 Passive noise reduction Headset is low-priced yet still delivers quality and offers advanced features like Aux in, plush leather ear seals, and a reversible mic boom designed for left or right microphone placement. The PS2 PNR headset offers outstanding noice reduction of 25dB to effectively cancel out cockpit noise, allowing you to listen to ATC clearly and concentrate on flying your aircraft. The PS range of headsets benefit from our ergonomically designed in-line dual volume control module for simple, independent volume adjustments. The in-line module also houses the 3.5mm AUX jack input to add music/phone audio. Designed to fit perfectly on your head giving you ultimate comfort due to our silicone gel head pad and faux leather, gel padded ear cones. Features: High performance at a fraction of the cost of a like for like passive headset Ultra lightweight carbon fiber structure with a total weight of just 380g Precise and clear audio, Aerotion PS1 offers everything you would want in an aviation headset 3.5mm AUX in for music/phone audio while flying Electret noise-canceling flex-boom microphone for clear communication Stereo/Mono switching Adjustable mic resistance Reversible mic boom to position mic on your preferred side Covered by Aerotion’s 1-Year Full Coverage Warranty Free UK Next Day Delivery Fast Worldwide Shipping Specification: 25dB Passive Noise Reduction Carbon fibre build - ultra lightweight & unbeatable strength Electret noise-canceling flex-boom microphone Stereo/Mono switching Adjustable mic resistance Headset Weight - 380g Package Weight - 800g In the box : Aerotion PS2 Passive Aviation Headset Volume control module Aux-in cable Custom Carry case

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