Safety Reporting

Fly EPT Portugal has a 'non-punitive' safety reporting policy.  

We promote a no blame, just culture

ANYONE is encouraged to report ANYTHING about ANY subject that they believe represents a safety risk.

Our Safety Policy Statement

Voluntary Reporting of Safety events 


Voluntary reporting aims to be non-punitive and is confidential, if the reporter chooses to be. 

Here you can report safety related incidents and accidents. 

You should submit an aviation safety report if, while at the airport or operating a Fly EPT Portugal aircraft, you:

  • Have witnessed or were involved in a reported or unreported occurrence, incident or accident
  • Have information related to safety hazards.
  • Know of an unsafe situation(s)

If you have witnessed the above, continue to read and learn how to report the safety issue. 

What is a safety event?

A reportable safety event in relation to an aircraft means:

"An incident which endangers or which, if not corrected, would endanger an aircraft, its occupants or any other person"

What is an Occurrence?

‘Occurrence’ means any safety-related event which endangers or which, if not corrected or addressed, could endanger an aircraft, its occupants or any other person and includes in particular an accident or serious incident.  

Occurrence Report Form

If you would like to report any Safety concerns you encounter airside at the airport, or while operating the aircraft, please fill in a an Occurrence Report Form and email to:  

Email to:

Air Safety Report (ASR) Form

Air Safety reports (ASR) are general reporting forms in regards to flight safety while flying, but are often used specifically to report:

  • Near-misses;
  • Evasive action taken;
  • Bird strikes
  • Airspace incidents/infringements; and
  • Other basic environmental information

Mandatory Occurrence Reports

While we have a voluntary reporting scheme, there are how, however, some events that, regardless, they MUST be reported within 72 hours to the regulatory authority

The following is a list of examples of occurrences that MUST be reported immediately by licenced pilots.

Mandatory reports can be filed on the Voluntary Occurrence Report Form

The Fly EPT Safety team will forward voluntary report forms, consider relevant, and all mandatory occurrence report forms to EASA

EASA Occurrence Report Form

Send form by e-mail to

EASA Aviation Safety Reporting Website

To Report an Occurrence to EASA

Here, you can Report an Occurrence to EASA by using the European ECCAIRS2 Aviation Reporting Portal

Report an Occurrence to Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) in PORTUGAL

You can download an Occurrence Report Form here

Email completed form to:

Telephone: +351 212 842 226

ANAC Occurrence Reporting website

Report an Occurrence to UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA) in UK

For G-registered aircraft: 

Email completed form to:

Telephone: +44 1293 573220

UK CAA website - Occurrence Reporting

Safety Promotion

ANAC Portugal

ANAC general aviation safety promotion can be found here

AESA Spain

Safety Promotion from Spain's AESA here

Further information material from AESA's safety promotion here


EASA publishes General Aviation (GA) Safety material here

SKYbrary portal here